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Vladislav Kovalsky - Live in Japan - Vol II

This page contains audio samples from this project in progress.  These CDs document Vladislav Kovalsky’s concerts in Tokyo Japan, in 1992, 1993, and 1994.  They are remastered from VHS tapes.

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Genre: Classical

[1]Beethoven -
Andante Favori in F Major, WoO57
Andante grazioso con moto 

[2-4] Tischenko -
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Vivace

[5-7] Chopin -
Mazurka Op 33 No 4 in e-minor
Mazurka Op 63 No 3 in c#-minor
Grande Polonaise Op 53 in A-flat Major

[8-13] Rachmaninoff
I. Andantino, b-flat minor
II. Allegretto, e-flat minor
III. Andante cantabile, b minor
IV. Presto, e minor
V. Adagio sostenuto, D-flat major
VI. Maestoso, C major


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