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That’s Who I Am

This page contains audio samples from original songs by Doug Clark (music) and Jem Treadwell (lyrics), a CD with a  release date target of March 1, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Glass Bottom Studios.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Piano/Keyboards/Vocals:  Doug Clark
Guitars: Rusty St. Laurent
Percussion:  Keith McConnell

1. That’s Who I Am
2. Love That You Know
Demo in progress:  Love That You Know w/ Guitar
Guitars: Joe Pisano

3. Headin’ Home to You
4. Good Night
5. Perfect Night - Orig Demo
Guitars: Brent Findon
Bass: Wayne Gronberg
Perfect Night - Studio Version (in progress)

Below is another original song by Doug Clark/Jem Treadwell.  It is a 50th wedding anniversary celebration song - great for a DVD soundtrack for your parents Golden Anniversary photo album!! It is currently available on iTunes for download in the original form with vocals by Doug Clark, and also a karaoke version in two different keys.  The orchestrated version is in progress:

Golden Wedding - Orig Version
Golden Wedding - Orchestrated Version (in progress)

For more information, visit www.glassbottommusic.com


Original Artwork: 
“Acrobatics” - Scott Clark

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