Psalm 23
Nearly 2 years ago, Ken Wasser came to me (Douglas Clark) with an idea and melody for a setting of Psalm 23, and encouraged me to try arranging it. While Ken’s original idea was for an SATB choral arrangement, I chose to set it initially for solo voice and piano. I ran the draft by my composition instructor, Dr. Kyle Blaha, and he suggested I add an obligato part, and I chose violin. I completed the draft in March 2017. With life and other projects in between, in September 2017, accompanist Craig Nohl, Ken, and I had a rehearsal session. Out of that came some thoughts and suggestions by Ken & Craig, and I made some adjustments to the score. In December 2017, I recorded Craig’s piano accompaniment in a first session to start the production process. Over the summer in 2018, I contacted Laura Petillo, violin teacher at the Monmouth Conservatory of Music, who with great spirit and musicianship, generously contributed the beautiful obligato track. Ken & I were finally able to schedule the vocal session at the end of November 2018. And finally, after nearly 2 years in the making, the track is available at all major digital distribution outlets and streaming services!!
Cover art and design by Carolyn Gratzer Cope | Umami Girl.

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