For Music Directors
Keep your choir and music ministry thriving during the Pandemic
We've been helping church Music Directors create virtual choir recordings for use in online services during these challenging times, and we'd love to do the same for you. 
Here's how it works.  
We provide simple tutorials & all the guidance you need.
As Music Director/Organist, you create a "base track MP3," using any available technology -- smart phone, iPad, computer, home recording setup, etc., with GBS consultation
Consult with GBS to create a Conductor Video Base Track (optional)
Individual choir members sing along with the "base audio/video track" using headphones, and submit self-recorded WAV or MP3 audio files to GBS.  See Singer Guidelines.
GBS compiles & produces the virtual choir track with turnaround of a few days
Special Pricing Starts at $79 per anthem​​​​​​​*
*for first time customers this 2020 season, up to 10 singers, 
Audio Product.
Ask about our Video Virtual Choir Services, where the final product can be a video of the conductor conducting the piece, photos, or a custom-made compilation of participant videos!
We collaborate with Wavelight Studio LLC for state-of-the-art custom videos.
Special thanks to Dr. Deborah Simpkin King, and choir members of the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, NJ, for permission to use the following:
"Sounds BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Many thanks for putting this together and making this possible!
It was so much fun
👏🙏😊💕"  - Barbara R. English SAG-AFTRA
The joy of choir is community.  That we have been able to keep that going has meant the world to me!
- Lissa M.
"I have found Doug’s masterful guidance instrumental in producing virtual sound files for our church.
He has been extremely helpful in recognizing background noise and in making recording suggestions that add to the final product!"
"The processing of recording your voice individually to eventually be part of a whole piece is challenging but also educational. By recording yourself, you get a sense of your own pitch, accuracy and timbre.  Quite an education!" - Carol S., Soprano, Ember Ensemble/Schola Cantorum on Hudson 
"While we miss the weekly pleasure of singing in a group, hearing each other, seeking the right blend, we have made our Zoom sessions enjoyable, and with excellent leadership have managed to contribute anthems, though recorded on separate tracks, that add to the overall worship experience.  We long for the day when we are all back together."  - Kathy and Carl Woodward
“Glass Bottom Studios has created an easy process to record and share individual contributions to your Sunday anthem. Doug provides personal coaching to first time virtual choir members. Doug is skilled at working his magic to make us sound great.  It is gratifying to hear our own voices on Sunday mornings.”  - Robin H.​​​​​​​
Materna (America the Beautiful)
Arr. Dr. Deborah Simpkin King
Lord, I Know I Been Changed
Traditional Spiritual Arr. by
Larry Schackley
(1 instrument, 8 singers, 13 tracks total)
Music by Craig Courtney
Lyrics by Susan Bentall Boersma
(9 singers, 14 vocal tracks, 7 clap tracks, 21 tracks total)
We Are Marching in the Light of God - Siyahamba
Music South African, arr. Dr. Deborah Simpkin King
Text Translation by Gracia Grindal
If Ye Love Me
Thomas Tallis
John 14:15-17
Blest are They Whose Spirits Long from "Israel in Egypt" -
G. F. Handel, Adapted by Hal. H. Hopson
Paraphrase of Psalm 63: 1,3,4, Isaiah 40:31
A sample of how this sounds thru Zoom streaming service:
At 35:50, with partial choir participation - Blest are They Whose Spirits Long
I am the Vine
Clifford McCormick
text from St. John
(11 singers, 14 tracks total)
Sample Video Base Track
We Are Not Alone Excerpt
Pepper Choplin (ASCAP)
Please note that an Internet Streaming License is required for broadcasting published material, and is the responsibility of the choir, its director and/or church.
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