Pictures by Ana Krach from Pixabay
How does a music teacher hold a recital for their students during this pandemic with social distancing restrictions?  
We would love to advise you and your students, on how to create an affordable, virtual recital, that can be broadcast safely over the internet.
We guide you in the process, and can even provide portable professional recording equipment, that each participant uses to pre-record their "virtual contribution" to the musical event.
We can work with your accompanist to produce a high-quality "base track," which your students will sing/play along with.
GBS takes the participant audio, and video submissions, and compiles a full recital album, and/or video, which can be broadcast/streamed on YouTube, or similar, and/or made available to parents as a keepsake for purchase.
Call for information, if you are looking for a way to live-stream a real-time produced video & audio feed of a small ensemble (e.g., chamber ensemble), from a single location, while adhering to social distancing rules.
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